Professional Practice Seminar with Doug Peltzman and Ryan J. Greenheck

Greenheck Ceramics is offering a three-day seminar for those looking to advance in a career in functional pottery making. The seminar will run from Friday evening until Sunday and will be a full immersion into the world of a practicing studio potter. This will not be a traditional ‘workshop’ format, but rather an engaging collaboration of learning experience, lecture, and a sharing of Ryan J. Greenheck’s ideology as a functional potter. The weekend will be a fun mix of networking, art making and a peek into the career that you are currently working towards.

For this weekend's seminar, Doug Peltzman will also be hosting at Greenheck Ceramics Studio, giving the opportunity for applicants to learn from both him and Ryan. This is a one time chance for a unique learning experience!

Click here to download application directions + more details about the seminar! 

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