Ryan J. Greenheck received his Master of Fine Arts degree from SUNY College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2004.  He also received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2002.  He has participated in numerous national juried exhibitions and invitational shows since 2000.  His work is represented in many galleries throughout the country.  Ryan currently is a practicing studio potter and Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania.


Throughout my life I have been concentrating on being ever present in the moment, my surroundings, and the world around me. Most of my life has been spent in rural and semi-isolated settings, but now my time in an urban and worldly setting has found its place in my work. My latest vessels have shifted toward monochromatic color schemes as a more minimal approach presented by my current urban environment. Currently I am focusing on striking forms with understated surface decoration emphasize the infrastructure that has always been an essential component in my pottery.  


Over the past decade I have been building a body of work that embodied the history of pottery within the field of ceramics. Recently I have decided to focus my attention on ideologies in modern design, expressionistic and abstract painting, minimalist sculpture and architecture. I am continually questioning my perception on decoration. And the resonance of history will always be an inherent part of my creative process.


In my two decades of throwing, I have built a substantial vocabulary of pottery shape and language.  It has been essential to me that this foundation remains the strength in my work. Currently I am drawn to arranging garnitures from a body of work, and am intrigued by how they read as a pottery landscape. A dialog is translated from each form within the grouping. This is my reward that is created through producing a substantial amount of work and this dialog between objects keeps informing the next cycle of making. Only that moment in time will truly unearth what the next boy of work has in store.

 - Ryan J. Greenheck



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